These plans are specifically designed to maintain historic proportions and massing on narrow lots.  
They are arranged below by width.  The site will be updated as the plans are completed and built.
This unique single family home is designed to look like a
historic corner shop that has been converted to a
residence with a modern, loft-like flair.  The open floor
plan is topped by a large rooftop deck.  Modern design
features include the landscaping, staircase & cabinetry.
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16' wide home plans
Urban Cottage Plans
The whole ground floor of this house is open. The view
from the front door extends to the rear screened porch
providing a surprising feeling of spaciousness.   The
upstairs bedrooms suites include vaulted ceilings and
optional second story balconies.
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The Hargett
2 brs  2 1/2 baths  
1120 sqft Heated Space
140 sqft Porches & Balconies
1260 sqft Total Living Area  

footprint:  16' wide x 35' deep
This charming home features 10' ceilings on the ground
floor, and 1/2 story vaulted ceilings upstairs.  Two sets of
french doors open to the back yard and under a small
balcony opening to the master.  This beautifully
proportioned home has everything you need in its
efficient and functional space.
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The Willow  
2 brs  1 1/2 baths  
1088 sqft Heated Space
86 sqft Porches & Balconies
1174 sqft Total Living Area    

footprint:  16' wide x 34' deep
The oversized central dormer provides space for a
vaulted bedroom on the 3rd level.  In this model, the
master has been moved to the rear along with the second
story balcony.
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The Hargett-Dormer       
3 brs  2 1/2 baths  
1328 sqft Heated Space
210 sqft Porches & Balconies
1538 sqft Total Living Area

footprint:  16' wide x 35' deep
The "Corner Shop"
2 brs  1.5 baths
1120 sqft Heated Space
10 sqft Balcony
250 sqft Balcony
1380 sqft Total Living Area

footprint:  16' wide x 35' deep
This house has a compact footprint, allowing it to fit on
the smallest lots in the Dorothea Gardens development.
 It features a two story front porch, eat in kitchen, 10'
ceilings, vaulted ceiling in master,  clerestory windows,
all hardwoods downstairs, oak staircase, huge windows

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The Dogwood     
2 brs  1 1/2 baths  
1000 sqft Heated Space
164   sqft Porches & Balconies
1164 sqft Total Living Area

footprint:  16' wide x 30' deep
The Nutmeg      
3 brs,2.5 baths  
1376 sqft Heated Space
168 sqft Porches & Balconies*
1544 sqft Total Living Area
The Nutmegs have bathrooms on each floor and
kitchens in the middle of the ground floor, rather than at
the back.  The differences between the two models has to
do with the top floor and the balconies.  The Nutmeg has
a small closet and a bathroom with a skylight on the top
floor.  The Nutmeg II has a larger closet.  Both the closet
and the bath have clerestory windows and the bath has a
french door leading to a small balcony
The Nutmeg II     
3 brs,2.5 baths  
1422 sqft Heated Space
192 sqft Porches & Balconies*
1614 sqft Total Living Area
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PDF Flyer       Pictures        Virtual Tour
Nutmeg II