Advantages Of Urban Cottages
Each cottage is different and becomes more unique as it is changed over time to suit the needs and taste of its owner. It has
its own street presence. Your home is the “green house, with the picket fence and big porch”, not the unit on the fifth floor,
half way down the hall.

The uniformity and restrictions of condominiums or townhouses reduces the ability of residents to benefit from their own
initiatives. An urban cottage can be customized and improved to your taste. Home owners can benefit from the added value
of improvements that differentiate your home from the neighbor’s.

Urban cottages are small enough to be affordable, but large enough to support many different lifestyles including single
occupants, home offices, couples, couples with children, those needing a low maintenance lifestyle and those wanting a
connection to the outdoors, those with multiple cars, and those taking advantage of other mean of transportation.  With
versatility comes the ability to live in the same home for many years and a broad spectrum of potential buyers when it’s time
to sell.

Easy to finance  
Single family homes have a greater number of financing methods available then any other housing type. This is a great
advantage over the constantly changing financing restrictions for multifamily living options such as townhouses or
condominiums. It makes urban cottages easier to buy, easier to appraise, and easier to sell.

Affordable, Quality Space  
Urban cottages take advantage of and celebrate every space inside and out. Keeping thing small allows for the use of high
quality finishes at reasonable costs.  Money that is normally wasted on ostentatious and unnecessary square footage is used
to create effective solutions to the demands of a modern lifestyle.

Of all the properties one’s home can have, none are better then charm. Charm makes a house a home. Charm is the result of
subtly and taste, but it has a value that anyone can appreciate.  No other housing type matches the charm of a historically
detailed cottage with a front porch and flower garden.

Community & Privacy  
Urban cottages are built close together, creating a feeling of community and a place where you can sit on your front porch
while chatting with a passer by.  But if well designed, they also provide private indoor and outdoor spaces that give a sense of
separateness without a feeling of being enclosed.

Direct Connection to the Outdoors
These communities are planned to provide each home with a direct connection to their yards, to create  and frame vistas,
and to take advantage of any exiting views.   

Manageable Exterior Spaces  
All of us need a connection to the outdoors, but huge lawns are difficult and expensive to maintain and are major
environmental problem.  By contrast, a small urban lawn or garden can be simple and easily maintained, or it can be turned
into an incredible design feature for very little money and effort.

Green Living  
Urban living is green living. All the transportation and infrastructure costs of suburban homes makes any home outside the
urban core less efficient.  Also, the typical cottage is made from materials with a much lower inherent energy cost then the
cement and steel of a high rise. The efficient use of land and of interior space, the lack of common area construction costs,
heating and lighting, and the use of high efficiency appliances and insulation makes urban cottage living one of the greenest
lifestyles available.
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