Urban Cottages Planning Concepts
An Urban Cottage Neighborhood maintains vernacular single family housing forms and
streetscapes while emphasizing the efficient use of space, both indoors and outdoors, to produce
high quality functional homes in a higher density pocket communities.  

A time tested lifestyle  
The urban cottage concept was developed through years of studying existing historic moderate density neighborhoods near
the urban core, and through revitalization efforts which have led to the adoption of these neighborhoods by a new group of
individuals seeking a true urban lifestyle.  These new groups of people are looking for the same things which led to the
original development of these historic neighborhoods; quality, affordable, compact and independent housing in downtown.
The urban cottage concept was therefore not attempt to reinvent the wheel but attempt to understand and codify the aspects
which led to the revitalization of these areas.

For specific urban areas
The urban cottage concept is best suited for those areas between high density development and traditional residential
neighborhoods. It is a particular housing type that has naturally evolved in the past in a ring around denser urban areas.  
These areas have access to all the amenities of downtown, but are not suitable for high-rise development or traditional lower
density homes.

Integrated with the street grid  
A key component of the urban cottage concept is a thorough integration into the existing infrastructure and streetscape.   
The existing historic streetscape with its charming homes, front porches, picket fences, walkable sidewalks and street trees is
treated as a primary amenity of the development.   

Integrated with the neighborhood
The urban cottage concept seeks synergy with the surrounding area by following the existing neighborhood form as closely
as possible.  This concept builds on the already existing area while bringing new energy to the district and promoting further

Unified with an HOA
Each community is carefully designed and named.  Its crucial themes are codified in a architectural design standards, and the
new residents are united through a community association.

Carefully planned for high density
Urban historic neighborhoods in Raleigh average 6 units per acre, excluding roads.   By carefully managing the proportions
of the Urban Cottages and limiting the space between them to just enough to support a driveway, these home can be built at
14-20 units per acre while still maintaining correct proportions, massing, and traditional streetscape elements.  
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