These plans are specifically designed to maintain historic proportions and massing on narrow lots.  
They are arranged below by width.  The site will be updated as the plans are completed and built.
Replica Homes & Urban Cottages
What is an Urban Cottage?  

While undertaking the award winning Rosengarten Park neighborhood restoration plan, we came to see that there
was something very special going on.   The location, layout, small lots, and charming house designs of this existing
neighborhood were enhanced by our modern parking strategy, creative courtyard easements, and a unifying owner
association to create a very appealing living environment.   

We have attempted to understand and document the essential elements of the Rosengarten Park resurgence, in
which a rapidly declining historic neighborhood was converted into the second fastest appreciating area in Raleigh
with a dynamic group of enthusiastic home owners and a strong sense of community.  We have named this
particular style of housing and development, Urban Cottages.  For more information click here:  
Urban Cottage
What is a Replica Home?

To fit seamlessly into the architectural fabric of the area, Urban Cottages are based on vernacular historic designs.  
Every detail is authentically reproduced inside and out.  Proper proportions, roof pitches, siding patterns, porches,
porch floors, rails, windows sizes & styles, are all considered when creating a design that “looks like it’s always been
there”  Mostly traditional materials are used except where more durable items can be used in way that is not easily
discernible from the original.  

This same attention to detail is carried inside to ensure that the flooring, ceiling heights, room proportions, and trim
packages all have the correct look and feel.  The trim is large and made from real wood (unlike most modern
homes), the doors are solid wood, the floors are ¾” solid hardwoods.  We carefully update the floor plans to allow for
the needs of modern living,  primarily creating more open common areas, more bathrooms, and more closet space.   
All this comes together to create the appearance of an historic home that has been carefully restored and updated for
modern living.  Click here for a
standard feature graphic,  or click here for a detailed list of standard features.
1911 Sears Catalog "Modern" Home
2011 Reproduction Home
An Urban Cottage Neighborhood maintains vernacular single family housing forms and streetscapes while
emphasizing the efficient use of space, both indoors and outdoors, to produce high quality functional homes in a
higher density pocket communities.  
What is an Urban Cottage Neighorhood?